Nashville's One Stop Gem Shop!


We can host your birthday party in store, or hook up to our mobile flume and bring our mining experience right to your door! Our flume system is entirely self-contained, meaning the water is recirculated and reused throughout the event, so all we need is an electric hookup! We even have a few portable power options, so even if your event doesn't have access to electric, we can accommodate (for an additional fee)! Our mining experience can be custom tailored to fit any budget, so contact us at for more info!

We also offer Geode cracking at your event to really WOW participants. Our geode cracker has a ratchet attachment that allows even the youngest participant to crack their geode with a little elbow grease! We keep Las Choyas, Moroccan, and even Tennessee geodes in stock and ready to crack!

In addition to gem mining, and geode cracking, we can set up a fossil dig to round out your Rock'N event! Our fossil dig consists of an ore filled bucket full of assorted fossils, with a few really special pieces sprinkled in guaranteed to be a great addition to any collection!

 If any of this sounds like something you must have at your next event/ party; email, call, or stop by the mine! We would love to get this rock rollin'!

For big groups/events check out our brochure below!


Jae's Gem Mine

2416 Music Valley Dr. Suite 136

Nashville, TN. 37214